Solve Geometry problems
Interactive geometry: all the way, from the very beginning to competitive level problems
9 Chapters
More than 130 Geometry problems
We'll lead you, problem by problem, on a thoroughly planned route designed for the most exciting and effective exposure to the landscape of classic geometry. Every task relies on the previous ones for context - you'll never meet complexity while unprepared
Hints`ll lead you to the right solution
The most complicated problems could be rather hard to solve without hints, which are made available in a step-wise manner, so you can take just what you need, and nothing more

A rich palette of convenient derived tools
Point Tool
Line Tool
Circle Tool
Compas Tool
Angle Bissector
Perpendicular Tool
Bisection Tool
Tangent Tool
Intersection Tool
Parallel Tool
Move Point Tool
Move Tool
cancel the last draw
restore the last draw undone
remove anything unnecessary
Your assistants
Play Geometry!
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Text and photo materials: Dina Ponomareva
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